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Imagine a huge indoor space filled with people covered in ink.

The No Limits International Tattoo Expo will adorn Resorts World Casino New York City in South Jamaica from Friday, March 31, through Sunday, April 2.

Presented by United Ink Productions, this three-day celebration will feature more than 250 world famous artists — including some crafters from as far away as Italy, France, and Portugal. Ryan Ashley Malarkey, the first female winner on Spike TV’s “Ink Master,” will be on hand to showcase her talent. Timmy BSarah MillerAnton AvtonomovSam BarberCalvin MoktarClaudia ReatoBig Joel, and Jak Connolly will share their designs as well.

Live entertainment will include freak shows, side show acts, burlesque dancing, body art exhibits, and live piercing. At least 30 vendors will peddle their merchandise.

Bernadette Macias, a tattoo model and main presenter of Sullen TV, will host the Ms. United Ink Contest, during which participants will show off their works and personalities as they vie for cash prizes. Croatian artist Dino Tomic, who actually lives in Norway these days, will display his salt portraits (please see below photo).

Tickets are $24.32, and weekend passes are $53.60. This event is open to people age 18 and over.



Source: Queens Courier